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Looking for someone in the Chicago area with the skills to shoot a time-lapse? I’m a professional timelapse photographer with a wide range of photography experience.

Timelapse shots are great for real-estate listings, community events and promotion, sport events, construction, city tourism, parks, and pretty much anything you can imagine.

My availability is primary on weekends, and some weekday evenings.

Contact for more info!

Outdoor Daytime Timelapse

Looking to promote an event, location, city, or sporting team? Get some stunning videos to show the wonder.

Indoor Timelapse

Anything from construction, stage build outs, band setups to dances. Watch the wonder of it all happen from start to finish in one video.

Outdoor Night Timelapse

There are a wide range of styles for a night timelapse, from stars to to the streets. Nighttime poses a higher level of difficulty and higher level of talent. For instance shooting stars and startrails takes hours to shoot. However night timelapses can be some of the most rewarding and stunning timelapses!